Technical features

600 800 1000 1200 1400
Material width 650 mm 850 mm 1.050 mm 1.250 mm 1.450 mm
Printing width 620 mm 820 mm 1.020 mm 1.220 mm 1.420 mm
Printing repeat 260 / 600 mm 350 (400) / 850 mm – 450/1.200 mm
Printing units  4- 6 – 8
Printing possibilities 4+0 / 3+1 / 2+2 – 6+0 / 5+1 / 4+2 / 3+3 – 8+0 / 7+1 / 6+2 / 5+3 / 4+4
Working speed 450 m/min
Diameter of the reels 800 – 1.000 – 1.200 mm
Additional equipment
  • Automatic control of longitudinal and lateral register
  • Automatic control of pressions
  • Automatic cleaning system
  • Web guide system
  • Web inspection systems
  • Viscosity control system

MIZARFLEX is the new Giave recent generation gearless stack-type flexographic printing press for high quality of printing and fast-changing jobs.

Mizarex offers a printing quality equivalent to the central drum but offering more advantages like the printing at both sides of the web in only one passage, the quick changes of the jobs in only a few seconds, the use of the Direct Drive Technology in plate cylinders and in counter-pressure cylinders or the use of the Motion Control in all the printing press.

Shafts mounted on cantilever for a quick change of the plate cylinders and anilox sleeves, with pneumatic closes of automatic opening and tool-less. No need of gear changes.

Sleeve change or carriers are made inside the machine, without dismounting the shafts.

Preparation of the available printing units for the following job in production, allowing the setup job changes at production speed.

In the MIZARFLEX series, positioning and pressure adjustment of the counter-pressure roller and plate cylinders operated by independent servomotors. Printing unit positioning with automatic adjustment according to printing repeat. Giave uses servo motors to facilitate all required operations fast and efficiently.

Longitudinal register through the servomotor of the plate cylinders, achieving an infinite adjustment and without stops.

Inking systems by means of closed chamber doctor blades, with pressure pneumatic regulation.

The integrated control panel allows the centralized control by an industrial PC and a touch screen, including all the necessary control for the use of the machine.

Drying including two completely independent circuits. Module for the drying between printing units and high performance horizontal tunnel assuring the material drying before rewinding. Giave offers up to 60% recirculation of processed air, which lowers the cost of drying operations for our customers.

MIZARFLEX series offer unwinders and rewinders of totally automatic change or double-station for semi-automatic change. Diameters to 1.200 mm.

In-line with MIZARFLEX, it exists the possibility of incorporating equipments for the solvent lacquered or coat, water-based or UV drying register with flexographic printing.


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