Technical features

800 1000 1200
Material width 850 mm 1.050 mm 1.250 mm
Printing width 820 mm 1.020 mm 1.220 mm
Printing repeat 400/900mm
Engraved roll shaft fixed or removable removable
Working speed 350 m/min
Diameter of the reels 800 – 1.000 – 1.200 mm
Additional equipment
  • Automatic register system
  • Automatic control system for the concentration of the solvents
  • Web inspection system
  • Viscosity control system
  • Default inspection camera
  • Web guide
  • Electrostatic assistance system
  • System of web turn bars
System that allows that the web is registered in just one and a half passage into the machine, avoiding material waste, inks and time. Ask us

The printing press EDLOS has been designed for the market of medium and short runs, both for the flexible packaging material and for labeling. EDLOS is a concept of last generation printing machine endowed of a high versatility which allows to the end customer to configure a machine adapted to its needs, introducing in-line systems with the rotogravure printing like die-cutting, laminating, cold-seal application, exit to reel or sheet, among others.

Unwinders and rewinders:  Depending on the needs of the final product, the customer can choose between simple station, double station with change of the reel semi-automatic or totally automatic both in unwinder and rewinder.

Printing units: There are two versions of the EDLOS printing modules. The first one is by removable shaft of the engraved cylinder by means of a tubular trolley.  The second is by fixed shaft of the engraved cylinder to the printing station, allowing the frontal assembly of the engraved cylinder to he printing unit.  This second option is only available in versions of 600 and 800 mm. width.

Doctor blade:  The new head, made of quick-dismantling aluminium allows a very quick and comfortable change of the blade and the counter-blade.  The doctor blade unit is mounted on a system duly endowed of an adjustment in three basic points in order to get a correct working angle: height, advance and inclination.

Electronic transmission:  Synchronous servomotors and last generation controls achieve a high precision of the register.  These controls, joined to the new GAP pre-register system, allow us to   get a perfect register in a very few meters, as soon as the machine starts to print a new job.

Drying system:  High-performance drying system of the EDLOS printing units can be configured with three types of drying screens (ST-1, PR and SPR), depending on the necessary paths and airflows for each printing unit.  The three types of screens count with a pneumatic opening system in order to make easy the access to the operations like the passage of the web or cleaning the rollers inside the screen.

Pressure roller: type sleeve, making the change of the sleeve without losing the web tension.  The regulation o te pressure is pneumatic and individual for each end of the pressure roller.

Front and back printing: Due to the high versatility of the new concept of machine EDLOS, the customer can choose the necessary units both for front and pack printing, or installing a system of web turn bars.

Tension controls:  By means of asynchronous servomotors and charge cells or high sensibility compensators depending on the application, they achieve an excellent, constant and precise control of the web tension for all the run.

Industrial PC:  All the control of the press is made from an industrial PC installed in the control desk of the printing press.  Giave has developed a control software for a simple communication of the technician with the machine.  This software allows the technician the complete control of all the parameters of the machine from a touch screen.  From this PC, the machine informs the operator of the instantaneous status of all the modules of the machine, and it also allows the memorization of jobs, the visualization of active alarms and the register, both of the speed of the last 24 hours and the last 500 alarms.

Teleservice:  All our EDLOS printing presses are equipped with a system that allows a remote connection from our plant to any country in the world where an EDLOS is installed.

Drying modules