Technical features

600 800 1000
Material width 650 mm 850 mm 1.050 mm
Printing width 620 mm 820 mm 1.020 mm
Printing repeat 800/1.500mm
Working speed 200 m/min
Maximum Ø of the reels at unwinder 800 / 1.000 / 1.200 mm
Additional equipment
  • Automatic register system
  • Automatic control system for the concentration of the solvents
  • Web inspection system
  • Viscosity control system
  • Default inspection camera
  • Web guide
  • Electrostatic assistance system
  • System of web turn bars

MITHRA is a printing press mainly developed for the sector of wall paper. It is designed with elements including high–end technology and it assures an excellent printing quality, being a reference in the wall paper market.

Unwinders and rewinders:  According to the configuration, the machine can be equipped with a simple station unwinder and rewinder, double station superimposed with semi-automatic change or totally automatic change.  In the simple station version, Giave can offer the shaftless version, both in the unwinder and in the rewinder.

Printing units:  Mounted on solid bedplates assuring a rigid and non-vibrating module.  Printing units are supplied with a removable trolley including all the inking system, tray, tank and ink diffuser made of stainless steel, achieving a perfect inking of the engraved cylinder.  The inking trolley is used to transport the engraved cylinder.

Doctor blade:  solid construction, adjustable quickly in height, inclination and advancement regarding the engraved cylinder.

Electronic transmission:  The high-quality synchronous servomotors in each printing unit, make the MITHRA has a high register precision and high functionality.

Drying system:  Specially designed for the sector of the wall paper, the high-performance drying screens can be provided in two versions (ST-1 and PR) depending on the necessary paths and air speed for each application.

Pressure roller:  Equipped with high-precision pneumatic cylinders, the regulation of the pressure is pneumatic and individual for each ends of the pressure roller.

Tension controls:  Of high sensibility and precision, they assure that the tension control of the web is constant during all the printing process.  The motorization of these tension controls are made by means of first brand asynchronous motors and controllers.

Industrial PC:  The degree of automation and monitoring of the press will be configured according to the needs of each customer, always from an industrial PC.  It can include a centralized control desk for the managing of all the processes.

Teleservice:  All our MITHRA printing presses are equipped with a system that allows a remote connection from our plant to any country in the world where a MITHRA is installed.

Drying modules