Technical features

300 400 500 600
Material width 350 mm 450 mm 550 mm 650 mm
Printing width 320 mm 420 mm 520 mm 620 mm
Printing repeat 300/600 mm – 400/800 mm
Working speed 250 – 300 m/min
Diameter of the reels 800 – 1.000 mm
Additional equipment
  • Automatic register system
  • Automatic control system for the concentration of the solvents
  • Web inspection system
  • Viscosity control system
  • Default inspection camera
  • Web guide
  • Electrostatic assistance system
  • System of web turn bars
System that allows that the web is registered in just one and a half passage into the machine, avoiding material waste, inks and time. Ask us

MULTICOLOR is designed for the narrow web rotogravure printing, specially for short and medium runs, basically for sector like flexible packaging, labeling or printing of aluminium and aluminium complexes both for the pharmaceuticals and for the capsules sectors.

Its small dimensions and its accessibility make it an easy-handling machine and it is possible to make it produce at full capacity with only one operator.

It is manufactured with the most innovative technology of the market and it is very compact, exible and it is possible to get to all its elements without the need of using any ladder.

Special application for the lab sector, with simple station at unwinder and double station at rewinder.

Unwinders and rewinders: It can incorporate a large range of unwinders and rewinders depending on the printed materials, diameters of the reels, number of printing units and automatization degree.

Printing unit:  The MULTICOLOR printing unit incorporates the engraved cylinder shaft fixed to the group.  The entry to the engraved cylinder is made for the front part of the printing module and this means that both traditional and light rollers can be used.

Doctor blade:  Solid doctor blade equipped with adjustable seesaw.  The system is adjustable in height, advance and inclination, allowing the positioning of the system in any working angle about the engraved cylinder.

Electronic transmission:  By means of synchronous servomotors in each printing unit, due to the high precision of its electronic transmission, the compact design of the printing units and an integrated pre-register system achieve waste drastic reduction when it starts-up and assures an excellent precision of the register during all the running.

Drying system:  High performance drying screens with manual or automatic air recirculation system by means of LEL system, optionally.  Printing unit can be equipped with screens of different paths and air flows (ST-1, ST-2 and PR).  Air heating can be made by thermal oil, gas burners or heating resistors.

Pressure roller:  Type sleeve and tool-less.  The regulation of the pressure is pneumatic and individual for each end of the pressure roller.

Front and back printing:  On demand, a system of turning bars can be installed between the printing units or the configuration of these units can be selected, in order to print front or back.

Tension controls:  Last generation tension controls allow to fulfill the requirements of the most delicate materials, synchronous servomotors and last generation controls, that assure a constant tension of the web during all the production process.  The range of working speed is between 30 to 350 N.

Industrial PC:  The operator can control and manage the whole machine from an industrial PC placed in the control desk and equipped with a touch screen.  Thanks to Giave experience in the market, we have developed a very intuitive and effective communication interface man-machine.  The industrial PC allows the memorization of all the parameters of the machine and informs the operator of any incidence that can be produced during the production process.

Teleservice:  All our MULTICOLOR printing presses are equipped with a system that allows a remote connection from our plant to any country in the world where a MULTICOLOR is installed.

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