Technical features

Titania 800 Titania 1000 Titania 1200
Material width 850 mm 1.050 mm 1.250 mm
Printing width 820 mm 1.020 mm 1.220 mm
Printing repeat 400/900mm*
Working speed 450m/min
Diameter of the reels 800 – 1.000 – 1.200 mm
Additional equipment
  • Automatic register system
  • Automatic control system for the concentration of the solvents
  • Web inspection system
  • Viscosity control system
  • Default inspection camera
  • Web guide
  • Electrostatic assistance system
  • System of web turn bars

* Other printing repeats under request

System that allows that the web is registered in just one and a half passage into the machine, avoiding material waste, inks and time. Ask us

TITANIA is a high productivity printing press, specially designed for medium and long runs of materials for the flexible packaging, achieving an excellent printing quality.  It is conceived to satisfy the wide range of demand of the flexible packaging market and it can be povided in different configurations:

Unwinders and rewinders:  It can be configured with unwinder and rewinder modules with simple stations, double station and completely automatic change of the reel, without the intervention of any technician.

Printing units:  Mounted on solid bedplates to ensure a rigid and vibration-free unit.  Printing units can be provided with fix inking system or with removable trolleys, including both the inking system and the engraved cylinder.  This system of removable trolleys achieves a drastique reduction of the time in job changes.  Optionally, trolleys for the applications of hot-melt, coldseal, solvent-based and solvent-less adhesives for the laminating can be included in our supply.

Doctor blade:   The doctor blade incorporates a system which is adjustable in height, advance and inclination concerning the engraved roller, allowing the positioning of any job angle.  The new head is easy-handling, quick to change both blades and counter-blades and tool-less.

Electronic trasmission:  By means of independent asynchronous servomotors in each printing unit, achieving a high register precision and a drastic reduction of the waste when starting the machine.

Drying system:   Three types of drying screens (ST-1, PR and SPR) can be provided depending on the paths and necessary airflows for each printing unit.  In their new design, every parameter has been considered in detail in order to obtain an effective performance.  Drying screens are guide-mounted in long paths with pneumatic opening for easier access to the interior and the web feed rollers.  The drying system has some trapdoors for the recirculation and control of the solvent concentration in the air, and they can be manual or automatically operated (on demand).

Pressure roller: type sleeve, making the change of the sleeve without losing the web tension.  The regulation o te pressure is pneumatic and individual for each end of the pressure roller.

Front and back printing: for the printing of both sides of the web, there are different options of the configuration of the machine.  Printing modules can be configured with the front-back printing mode or a system of web turn bars can be installed.

Tension control:  Equipped with the latest technology, they can keep a very precise web tension in all the production process.  Standard web tensions are from 30 to 350 N., with the possibility of achieving 600 N. (optionally).

Industrial PC:  Centralized management from an industrial PC and a touch screen, general monitoring of the status of all the elements of the printing press, management of all the parameters of the printing press, memorization of all the job parameters, visualization of the current alarm messages and history of the last 500 alarms.

Teleservice:  All our TITANIA printing presses are equipped with a system that allows a remote connection from our plant to any country in the world where a TITANIA is installed.

Drying modules