Titania mODULA

Technical features

800 1000 1200
Material width 850 mm 1.050 mm 1.250 mm
Printing width 820 mm 1.020 mm 1.220 mm
Printing repeat 400/900mm
Working speed 500m/min
Diameter of the reels 800 – 1.000 – 1.200 mm

TITANIA mODULA is a high performant rotogravure printing press which, apar t from all the elements included in the conventional TITANIA, includes the highest benets existing in the market and that make it a high level printing machine. Automation is the main characteristic that has been developed in all the elements and makes it a modern, quick, simple, comfortable and easy-handling machine.

The combination between the most innovative technology and automation make it the dream of any printer.