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Print Show Mizarflex

Print Show Mizarflex

Last 28th and 29th November, Giave organised a print show of its most modern and technologically advanced stack type flexographic printing press, the MIZARFLEX.

During the print show, where there were many customers, we printed LDPE 38 my at 60 lines and at a speed of 300 m/min. in the front side. When we finished it, we made a job change which consisted in replacing 4 colours, one doctor blade and the material itself, which was a BOPP 25 my. This job was printed at the back side of the material and at 300 m/min.

During the printing, we informed the guests of all the advantages of the flexo stack MIZARFLEX in comparison with other flexographic machines and also of the precision of some elements in the machine like the torke motors which act directly to the shaft (Direct Drive Technology) or the electronic register.

When the printing finished, customers could analyze the samples of the printing and could discuss them with the other people in the show and also with the technicians in the cocktail we offered to them afterwards.

All of them were really susprised with the avantages of the machine and its easy-handling. The general opinion of the guests was that the MIZARFLEX will be the machine they would take into account for future investments.

Giave has a very positive opinion of this print show success and wishes that the MIZARFLEX continues being a worldwide reference in the printing of flexible, semi-rigid and rigid materials.

Once more, Giave has demonstrated that the MIZARFLEX is the only stack type machine in the market that can offer these technological advantages, offering a valuable source to the converter to obtain a high quality ptinting.

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